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“… Delicious Vietnamese food with organic ingredients…Pork belly was very soft and very savory …Smoked duck was very tasty/crunchy… Coffee was strong and authentic…Kumquat juice was hella refreshing… Servers really knew what they were doing… Very friendly…"
Christian S.

“…Ambiance is pretty awesome… Love the old school music playing in the background… Favorite is the shaking beef with tomato rice…”
Estela M.

“…Modern and healthy take on Vietnamese food… Warm and inviting… Everything here is as organic, natural and fresh as it can be… Everything is made in house… You get what you pay for… Filling, savory, fresh and delicious… Smoked duck crostini was perfection… Fruit flavored water is so flavorful…”
- Stephanie Y.

“… Modern Vietnamese restaurant… Décor is adorable with a huge table in the middle of the restaurant… You truly get quality items at Qochon… If you want QUALITY and FRESH, this is your place.”
Angelique M.

“… One of the best places for pho in Fremont… You definitely get quality food, service, ambiance, and décor here… Service is very impeccable…”
- Michael W.

“From fruit infused water, pork belly sandwich, combination pho, beef stew, to the shaking beef, all tasted awesome… The most tender shaking beef we had around bay area… Really tasty and fits the modern dinner diet plan of eating healthy and balanced!”
Fred H.

“… Décor is pretty neat…Servers are also pretty nice… Filet Mignon pho was pretty unique, same with the viet sandwich – tried the chicken ham; very unique…Will definitely recommend to others and would come back.”
Kevin L.

“More dishes have been added over the years… Service was already excellent and it gets better…Really a classy and romantic place the way it is decorated so highly recommended for dates…Lots of new drinks with fresh fruit. Great spritzers and virgin and non virgin cocktails.”
John T.

“… Everything about Qochon was very meticulously considered and arranged… There was a great deal of care put into every detail – and that includes the food… You’re exchanging quantity for quality… Everything’s fresh, down to the water and the iced tea… The beverages are what really the seal the deal for me. Every time I’ve been in here there’s been a more exotic selection: peach ice tea made actually infused with peaches…watermelon iced tea made the same way…virgin pineapple basil mojito… The service is excellent… Damn good! I will be coming back regularly.”
Dustin S.

A great place for date night… Quality of organics ingredients rarely found in typical Vietnamese restaurants… Shaking beef on tomato rice was tasty with simple flavors enough to leave you satisfied … Kumquat lemonade refreshing, citrusy and a great palette cleanser. The hint of saltiness made the drink unique from any other lemonade I’ve ever had.”
Cynthia L.

“…This is hands down the best pho in the Bay Area (yes I’m counting San Jose believe it or not)…Fresh rice noodles were an unexpected added bonus…Broth is super clear and flavorful…No MSG needed when you’re simmering bone broth for 20+ hours…Tried the kumquat lemonade. My goodness is was delicious…Décor is also super cute and the staff very nice…”
D N.

“Amazing place to grab lunch at…create a great ambiance with their décor and calm music…Staff was very attentive and helpful. The food and drink is why I gave this place a 5 stars…Garlic noodles has a nice crisp to it, the chicken was perfectly seared, and the contrast of the creamy parmesan cheese on the noodles and the tang and kick from the chili on the side just made the dish…Kumquat lemonade is a must try when its in season.”
Rodrigo O.

“…Beautifully arranged, décor superb, and music relaxing…Staff was friendly and attentive…Ordered a beef pho, and a combo pho to go, which were carefully packed everything…quality of meat and veggies as well as the taste were excellent…Highly recommended!”
Sfo B.

“This place knocks the ball out of the park. Every. Single. Time...everything is super fresh…charming décor, friendly staff, and is spotlessly clean. Delicious drinks are made with fresh fruits puréed…my go-to spot… Definitely ask about the specials and let them sell you dessert. It will be PERFECT!”
- Jennifer S.

“…Had some daily specials…Played relaxing jazz music for ambiance… Phos were amazing and filling…I want to try everything they had on the menu…Service was outstanding as well…Water cups were always filled and our waiter was attentive to our needs…Restaurant was immaculately clean and well kept…”
- Lisa E.

“Not your typical Vietnamese spot…The colors and music are very inviting. The jazz music playing…A delicious Vietnamese coffee...makes me think of hanging out rather than moving on… All in all I recommend this place for all your Vietnamese eating needs…”
Eric H.

“My kind of place, a healthy, fresh twist on a classic…Extra attention to details: the veggie claypot had so many colors…all organic and nicely al dente…if you arrived after 12:30PM, expect a wait, even for the center communal table…The aftermath: sated, hydrated, no food coma, no excessive thirst from MSG and sodium overload…check out the shaking beef, pretty generous portions of filet mignon, medium rare and a nice smattering of vegetables...All veggies are organic…Warm service and ambiance. A welcome addition to the area!”
Cynthia C.

“…I stumbled upon Qochon because I was in the Fremont area…now I can’t stop thinking about it…serves amazing food…their interior décor is just so quaint and beautiful and classy…their focus on fresh, high quality food…menu is amazing…ordered the seafood pho and you could taste the quality and freshness of the seafood…ordered the pork belly banh mi and it was amazing…bread was soft on the inside and toasted perfectly on the outside…My mouth is watering just thinking about that perfectly delicious banh mi sandwich…I live 30 minutes away, but I would go back to Qochon in a heartbeat.”
Sarah T.

“…the food came very fast after ordering, and the quality of the food is super…chicken is tender and perfectly marinated. It is easy to tell it was premium chicken and fresh veggies came with it…the beef in the noodle was perfectly cooked…environment is so relaxed and clean. Service was awesome… We will definitely come back again!”
Janice P.

“Fresh ingredients, friendly staff, clean and comfortable restaurant, and excellent food.  The spring rolls and veggie noodle dish were superb.  My family's new favorite spot to eat as we drive from N. Cal. to Santa Cruz.”
Frank K.

“…Romantic Vietnamese place that uses high quality fresh ingredients. The tastes are pure and light with proper portion. Had the shaking beef with tomato rice, the beef was excellent, very tender and flavorful”
Jeff C.

“…My friend & I were one of the first customers when they opened and we’ve been coming back regularly…we really enjoy their food, attentive service and just the whole ambiance of the restaurant… If you are looking for healthy, delicious food… You’ve come to the right place!”
Laarni-Lyn L.

“… The authenticity of the dishes is only accented by the fresh and organic produce used. My favorite is definitely the pork vermicelli bowl, a classic.”
Gigi B.

“…A lot of attention to detail and tasty Vietnamese food that isn’t PHO...Really cute and comfortable recommendations…Good job to the owners with creating a nice vibe, sights and music. What a gem…Food is very high quality and well done…Modern Vietnamese food done well…” 
Anthony L.

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